In Preparation

Now Accepting Submissions for Spring 2010 Translation Issue.

More details soon.


Our first and most important guideline for submission is to send the work that you are proud of, whatever your reason may be. That said, we accept any and all forms of work, including, but not limited to: poems, fiction, non-fiction, text-based art, photos, paintings, video, letters, lists, screen-shots, text messages, code, e-mails, surprises. Surprise us. Be sure you've read our Current and/or Past Issues before submitting. Getting an idea of what we do and do not publish will make the whole messy situation of submitting & selecting easier on all of us!

Deadlines for each issue are posted on the Home Page, though our inbox is always accepting new work.


Please email submissions to
[email protected], with your name included in the subject line. Unless your name is Barrister Ramli Bin Azizi, in which case, go to hell.

In your submission e-mail, be sure to include your name as you want it to appear, and a 25 word bio.

Only selected submissions are published, but those who submit will be notified either way. Protocol for us is to notify immediately that we have received the work, and notify of acceptance a month prior to publication. Because of our irregular cycles, this can be difficult to pin a specific date on, so allow 30 days between emails before sending an inquiry.

: All genres. As many pieces as you like. No length limit, however, we may use excerpts of longer pieces in the print edition.

: Initially, images of 2-d art should be sent as jpegs, pngs, or pdfs,
and <300dpi. All images are printed from high-res files that we request as needed.

Digital Media: Send link to youtube, vimeo, or mp3 file. If none of those apply to the piece, email us and we'll figure out some other way.