In Preparation
Issue #5, Winter 2009-10. Cover Art by Garrett Durant

Current Issue

Winter 09/10 - Issue #5

"Anthropomorphic liminality, and the antics that ensue"

 work from: Garret Durant, Dain Oh, Evan Conley, Arend de Gruyter-Helfer, Ben Bertin, Eric Kaepplinger, Benjamin Love, Robb Todd, Juho Heikkinen, B. Ingrid Olson, Mikhail D. Poloskin, Raychill Winterton, Matthew Sairio, and Robin Juan.
Andrew Gamble, Emma Furman, Mink Smithsonian, Dan Kugler, Alyssa Martinez, Alexandra Lukens, Tyler David Sherman, Peter O’Leary, Rebecca Cooling-Mallard, Molly Shea, and Wendy Spacek.

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