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This summer figures to bring with it a lot of changes here at In Preparation, least of which will be a new editorial staff, most of which will be a new publication altogether, called Butterfly.Or, even more likely, any name EXCEPT for Butterfly. So don't forget about us on those long boring nights that the internet just won't offer you enough... we just might have some heart pounding news posted here.
Until then, dear readers, mad love.

-In Prep


The Release was great, it whupped batman's ass, it was mind-boggling.
To the HungryMan ladies, the artists, writers and readers, the beautiful, generous people who gave donations, and to everyone else that came by the gallery to spent their evening with us... 
Video of the reading will be posted soon.
A pdf of Issue #5 will be posted soon.
Issue #5 will be available in public soon.

We're throwing ourselves a big honking release party on Friday, February 19th from 6-11pm at HungryMan Gallery. HungryMan is located at 2135 N Rockwell, in Logan Square/ Bucktown area. This tiny url holds in it a MAP Copies of our brand new Winter 09/10 issue are going to be available for your generous donation of $1. Contributors will be reading their work at 8:30pm, and originals of all the artwork included in the issue will be on display.

We've been told that the gallery is providing the beer. This is their main expense, so hopefully "11pm" is just a formality for them.

HungryMan is run by three brilliant young ladies that we're confident you'll fall in love with, or at least think are the shit.

Want to know more? Then read this press release!
"A one night only presentation of original artwork, never-before-heard readings, AND a party. All to celebrate the release of the newest edition of In Preparation.

In Preparation was started by writing program students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Spring 2008. A few editorial changes later and they're now celebrating their 5th issue, which includes work from 25 emerging and mid-career artists and writers, all of equally heterogeneous form, medium, and approach. All at Hungryman for one night only!

The gallery's walls will feature work from: Garret Durant, Dain Oh, Evan Conley, Arend de Gruyter-Helfer, Ben Bertin, Eric Kaepplinger, Benjamin Love, Robb Todd, Juho Heikkinen, B. Ingrid Olson, Mikhail D. Poloskin, Raychill Winterton, Matthew Sairio, and Robin Juan.

The reading will feature work from: Andrew Gamble, Emma Furman, Mink Smithsonian, Dan Kugler, Alyssa Martinez, Alexandra Lukens, Tyler David Sherman, Peter O’Leary, Rebecca Cooling-Mallard, Molly Shea, Wendy Spacek, and surprise contributors from the past.

In Preparation is published under the financial auspices of the Writing Program at SAIC. The editors are Alyssa Martinez and Mark Schettler. Available in both print and online, issues will be available for a suggested donation of $1. Also free with any donation is warm hug from Mark and/or Alyssa."

Also, mention the website to Mark or Alyssa, and a free glass of champagne!

Welcome to the interweb home of In Preparation!

In Preparation was started at SAIC in Spring 2008. In our inaugural issue, we printed three poets and nine poems. Just four issues later,we're printing work from 25 different artists and writers, all of equally heterogeneous form, medium, and approach. 

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In Preparation is published under the financial auspices of the BFA writing program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The current editors are A. Martinez and Mark Schettler. Issued both in print and online.